Face to Face with Buddha

Face to Face with Buddha (Adapted from the article “Meeting Buddha” in the June 2014 Flatbed Sutra Newsletter) Sakyamuni Buddha addresses a great assembly: “If we see [both] the many forms and [their] non-form, we at once meet the Tathagata.” “To see the many forms” and “to see [their] non-form,” as described now, is a liberated bodily experience, and so Continue Reading →

Thus have I heard…

While ten or twenty Zen sayings and stories have become common usage in the west (e.g. “carry water, chop wood…” “when hungry eat…” “mountains are mountains…” etc.), a veritable treasure trove of Zen expressions are largely unknown outside Zen circles. Contrary to popular notions about Zen being antithetical to “words and letters” (writings, verbal instructions, and language in general) the Continue Reading →


The Zazenshin that I have written now is as follows: Zazenshin Pivotal essence of every buddha, Essential pivot of every patriarch. Beyond thinking, realizing, Beyond complication, realization. Beyond thinking, realizing: The realizing is naturally immediate. Beyond complication, realization: The realization is naturally a state of experience. The realizing is naturally immediate: There has been no taintedness. The realization is naturally Continue Reading →