The Unnamable True Nature of You

The vast unnamable fathomless void is imperceptible, formless, intangible, and unmoving; it was never born and can never die. Though it is not separate from the myriad things, the myriad things do not alter it; like a clear mirror, it adapts to all things while fundamentally remaining unchanged by them. Similarly, your own basic awareness is able to perfectly perceive all things, without becoming entangled with them. The unnamable true nature or your own mind is at once, undifferentiated and able to differentiate all things. When the neighbor’s dog barks unexpectedly, your clear awareness spontaneously comprehends it, when a spider walks along the back of your neck, your luminous mind registers it. Who hears the dog? Who feels the spider?

~From The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing

by Ted Biringer