The nature of hearing


It is not easy to meet with wisdom and awaken to reality. I will show you a way in, listen!

In hearing, there is no hearing. Hearing does not depend on hearing. Hearing is not born and it can never die. When sound arises, hearing does not create it. When sound diminishes, it is not extinguished by hearing. Nor is the nature of hearing created by the arising or diminishing of sound.

Just realize that hearing is unborn and undying. Hearing does not come and go. How can you realize the wisdom of this? Listen! 

The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing

by Ted Biringer




1 thought on “The nature of hearing”

  1. Hello Ted,

    Once a man of the way asked a seeker, “Who Hears?” The seeker, had experienced that their is no ‘Who” in “Who Hears?” Yet, he could not communicate fully. He started a verbarrhea of, “their is no one who receives the sound. Only the sound exists. The sound manifests and becoming one with the sound, their is no longer one who receives the sound because one has become the very ringing of the sound.” He continued like this for awhile. The learned man heard patiently and asked a very simple question, “Describe who hears?” The seeker stayed quiet, How could he describe a who, when there was no who. His mind raced to find an answer, but he knew that he would not answer. Being very kind, the learned man acknowledged his understanding and coaxed the seeker to confirm his own understanding and to recognize his own face in the mirror.

    Interestingly enough, the seeker carried around this burning question. That very night he had repeated dreams of ” describe who hears.” Upon arising at dawn, he realized something very important while in the bathroom. To “describe who hears,” simply flush.

    Gracias Ted

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