Does zazen mean sitting meditation?

Another ordinary day at work

Another ordinary day at work

A visiting Zen student asked, “My teacher says that sitting meditation is the only authentic practice. He says that zazen is the one true path to awakening. What do you say?”

Louie Wing said, “First of all, zazen and sitting meditation are not the same. True zazen has nothing to do with sitting, standing, walking or lying down. ‘Zazen’ is the term that the sages of the Zen tradition used to indicate the practice that I call ‘ceasing conceptualization.’

Having said that, I have found that sitting is usually the easiest way for people to practice zazen, especially beginners. However, once you begin to develop the ability to step back into your own clear awareness, you should practice it in all your activities and non-activities. You should not become attached to the form of sitting, nor should you have aversion for it. When it is time to sit, practice zazen while sitting; when it is time to work, practice zazen while you work. Ultimately, there is no final rule or best way to practice. Any method will become a barrier if you become fixated on it. Just cease conceptualization and step back into the pure and clear luminous awareness of your own mind.”

From The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing


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  1. I am home this morning, a day off. the family is still tucked in bed. There is a misting rain and a bird chirping, an airplane passing over head. I drank some strong matcha tea on an empty stomach. I think it may be making me slightly nauseous.

    I go to sit nauseous ZaZen now.
    Take care,

  2. Hello Jordan,

    Thanks for stopping in.

    Nice blank white walls are the same as sunsets, yet I prefer the latter…

    Not making much headway with Ro today… So I picked up the guitar for a bit – at least it made some sound… though not great sound… Man, I seem to be full of preferences and judgements this evening—I better just go.


  3. Hrm, I suppose I could take a picture of the view I have from work.
    A nice blank white wall. Naah.

    I like the post though. I even find it agreeable.

    Got Ro?


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