DVD Players and the art of Zen

After a long talk, David asked, “What do you mean by ‘the pure and clear, luminous awareness that does not discriminate’?”

Louie Wing said, “When you entangle yourself with ideas, concepts, and views, the pure and clear, luminous awareness and its manifestations are misperceived as separate entities; that is discrimination. All of the myriad things in space and time are nothing but the one vast, unnamable, fathomless void; they have no independent, separate nature of their own. All the various phenomena are simply particular aspects of the unnamable void. A DVD player is the unnamable void. We call it a ‘DVD player’ to differentiate it from the rest of the void for the sake of convenience; but in reality, it is not separate and ‘DVD player’ is only a name. When you take a name for a real entity, you trade your own pure and clear awareness for delusion.

“There are no things in the entire universe. All particular things are nothing but the one true essence, the unnamable void. Stop trying to find something outside of your own mind.”

~The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing

3 thoughts on “DVD Players and the art of Zen”

  1. Hello Ted

    There seems to be something wrong with folks.
    When their DVD can’t turn off
    Or when it plays two movies at once,
    Or when a reference in one movie automatically makes it shuffle to another movie having the same reference,
    Folks take it back, saying, ” It doesn’t work right”
    But they tolerate those conditions in what they call
    ” My mind”



  2. Amigo,

    Yes! I have this DVD (book) that a most cherished friend gave me. The title has something to do with Diamonds and Illusion. You know what the most peculiar things is: that loop is constantly playing and the uni-verse (one poem) sparkles so brightly.


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