Book talk/reading on Oct. 27th (and the Flatbed Sutra)

Hello all,

If anyone in the Washington area is interested, I will be reading/discussing Zen (and the Flatbed Sutra) on Oct. 27th at 7pm in room 309 (upstairs) at the Mount Vernon Food Co-op. Hope to see you there.

Peace, Ted

PS It’s free to attend and there will be tea.


4 thoughts on “Book talk/reading on Oct. 27th (and the Flatbed Sutra)”

  1. Hi Pete,

    Thanks for the story.

    I admit I got a good chuckle out of it, but Pete sure seems a bit more explanatory than usual… Perhaps the full stomach and dull sermon caught him off gaurd a bit. From previous encounters, I might have expected the preacher’s challenge to be met with a simple, but deeply contented, “Aaaahhhhhh…” Or, had he been feeling particularly talkative, he might have responded, “Thank you Padre’, but your flattery is really premature, wait’ll you see what I left ya on the offerin’ plate!”

    Then again, bringing in the good wife was an interesting way to present the causation doctrine.

    Thanks again.


  2. Dear Yamakoa and Ted

    It was not a burp but a fart!

    Here is one of the stories from the book-in-progress:


    Pete had fallen on such hard times that he had to head over to the church in town to fill up on the free lunch they offered.

    Of course, everybody knows that there is no free lunch, so, after downing the big plate of beans that the preacher’s wife had cooked, Pete dutifully took his place in the pews. The thought of a boring sermon wasn’t so bad on a full stomach.

    Halfway through the sermon, Pete let out a huge fart.

    “Who made that noise? Who desecrated the House of the Lord?” The preacher was livid!

    “Why do you want to know?”, Pete shouted back.

    “Why? Because I need to know who is to blame for this outrage, so that he can be expelled.”

    “Well your honour, the expelling has already been done” said Pete. The congregation was trying real hard not to laugh as Pete continued. “And to me, Preach, blame is a poison that can just eat you up, but if you gotta go there, blame your wife.”

    The preacher was beside himself. “Explain yourself before the Lord this instant!”

    “It’s like this”, said Pete, “if you want to dish out blame, shouldn’t the whoopin go to the cause, not to the effect?”

    “I suppose,” said the preacher.

    ” Well then, if your good wife knew how to cook beans properly, none of this would have happened.”


  3. Hola Yamakoa,

    Thank you.

    All went well. Or at least as well as could be, I reckon… If Louie Wing and a cowboy or two had shown up, I am sure it would have been much more fun.

    But, it seems they both had better things to do…

    Thanks again!

    Peace, bro.


  4. I am sure your talk will go well.

    I can imagine Louie Wing up on the podium sipping his mug of warm coffee, not saying a word.
    Suddenly, a cowboy in the audience burps. Right then and there. another turn of the wheel. And so, on and on it goes.

    Take care, I hope you enjoy yourself,

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