Who Hears? Zen masters, Louie Wing & Dogen on hearing

It is not easy to meet with wisdom and awaken to reality. I will show you a way in, listen! In hearing, there is no hearing. Hearing does not depend on hearing. Hearing is not born and it can never die. When sound arises, hearing does not create it. When sound diminishes, it is not extinguished by hearing. Nor is the nature of hearing created by the arising or diminishing of sound. Just realize that hearing is unborn and undying. Hearing does not come and go. How can you realize the wisdom of this? Listen!

~Louie Wing, ~The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing

It is simply illumination of the mind in seeing forms, and realization of the truth in hearing sounds. The mind described as “the mind to be illuminated” may be the mind of Buddha. The truth to be illuminated may be the truth of Buddha. In the truth of Buddha and in the house of Buddha, we just illuminate the mind by seeing forms and realize the truth by hearing sounds; there is nothing else at all.
~Dogen, Shobogenzo 28 (The Secret Shobogenzo), Butsu-kojo-no-ji, Gudo Nishijima & Mike Cross



2 thoughts on “Who Hears? Zen masters, Louie Wing & Dogen on hearing”

  1. Hello Yamakoa,

    Thank you for your comments.

    “Objectivisation, Phenomena, subjected and conditioned, chain of causation”???

    You may be right, fortunately, I do not understand, nor can I even hear. As for Louie, he had the audacity to suggest that perhaps you could dispense with the bow and simply leave an accurate (five star) review for him at Amazon. But then, Louie never was a very tactful fellow…


  2. Hola Amigo,

    As you know Amigo, this hearing is quite dear to me. The ringing alarm bell allows for a way in. I bow to Louie and The Snowman.

    Objectivisation of Phenomena necessarily results in being subjected and conditioned to the chain of causation. From this view of causation, Space-Time is a product. Truly seeing phenomena for what they are allows for the unborn/undying ringing of the universe to ring through.

    Take care,

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