Intellectual Understanding and Direct Experience

If you do not experience it directly, but simply cling to intellectual understanding, you will never achieve the peace of true liberation. You must let go of all ideas and notions about reality and spiritual practice, abandon all views of religion, awakening, void, mind, and the rest. As long as you continue to grasp conceptual understanding, you will remain in a tangle of views about self and other.

Remember, even if you memorized all the teachings of all the sages in the ten times, and even if you understood every single doctrine of every single tradition, if you do not experience it directly you will never be truly free. Then, even if you could lecture on all the scriptures, explain all of the doctrines, and speak with eloquence on the subtle esoteric teachings of all the great traditions, it would only amount to the ordinary understanding of human intellect, not that of an awakened human being.

~The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing