Individuals are individuals, reality is reality

Entangled in ideas about practices and doctrines of the various spiritual traditions, you will be unable to realize awakening. Still, in the temporal world of everyday activity, realization of the truth comes to different people after differing lengths of time. Some people hear the teaching and cease conceptualization in an instant. Others are only able to put a stop to dualistic thinking after applying themselves to certain spiritual practices for a short period, while still others finally awaken only after long years of intense struggle.

Whether you awaken quickly or after a long period, the realization is simply becoming aware of the truth of reality. Spiritual practice does not create it. When I tell you that there is nothing to attain, I am not speaking metaphorically; it is the truth. Accordingly, whether you awaken in a moment or after a long period, the realization is the same. Reality is reality and does not vary from one individual to another.

The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing