The Authentic Path of Zen

The path to authentic liberation is not complicated, mystical, esoteric, or difficult to understand. You do not require supernatural power or some special ability to access it. It is functioning perfectly within each one of you at this very moment. It is the infinite and unnamable, fathomless void, sometimes called buddha-nature; it is the true nature of your own mind. It includes the whole of time and space; it is nothing less than the homeland of the self.

~The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing

2 thoughts on “The Authentic Path of Zen”

  1. Yamakoa! Is it really you?

    I was wondering if perhaps you had checked into a secluded monastery somewhere, or taken a vow of silence or something…

    Happily, it seems that you have instead been deepening, refining, and actively utilizing your supernatural abilities. Excellent! I have heard that when practitioners become very advanced in utilizing these abilities that they can reach behind their heads at night and find their pillow—others say, that is only 80 or 90 percent of; they say the whole body/hands and eyes.

    Me, I would be happy just to hear what the hell the old Buddha, Joshu, meant when he said, “Wash your bowl.”

    In any case, it is a pleasure to hear from you brother.

    Peace – to you and yours!


  2. Hola Amigo,

    While supernatural abilities or powers are not required, we are constantly manifesting these powers. Getting up, brushing teeth, driving, cutting, sewing…..

    Take care amigo,

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