Why does Zen encourage awakening?

If you truly awaken, you will not be concerned with reality, you will not be enamoured with enlightened masters or teachers, you will not be tangled up in ideas about the rewards of spiritual practice. You will transcend conceptualization, alone and free, you will work and play without being caught up in things and ideas. The entire universe could shatter, and you would not be afraid. All the treasures of the world could be offered to you, and your joy would not be increased. Do you want to know why? It is because, you realize that all things are void. All things arise from the unnamable void, and flow back into it. The entire universe is nothing but the unnamable void, which is your own true mind and body. The myriad things are manifestations of the one unnamable void. Since they are like dreams, shadows or illusions, why would you try to grasp them and what could you possibly have to fear? Trust it, and enjoy the ride.

~The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing

by Ted Biringer