Zen Master Torei on Joshu’s Mu


Zen Master Torei on Joshu’s “Mu”

If thoughts are flying around, consider this story: “Does a dog have buddha-nature? No.” Bring it to mind directly, and don’t interpret it logically. Don’t interpret it as flavorless, don’t interpret it as nothing. If you conceive any logical understanding, you’ll never complete the work. But don’t develop an illogical mind either. Logic and no logic are after all random ideas. Just bring it up and look at it. It has nothing to do with interpretations; it is the real way of practice of the Buddhas. Continue moment to moment, whether speaking or silent, active or quiet, walking, standing, sitting, and lying down—do not forget it! Or if you occasionally forget, don’t lose power.

This is like learning archery—it takes a long, long time to hit the bull’s-eye. Just develop the will to persevere; be careful not to flag and slack. If you give up this teaching, by what teaching will you attain liberation?

Master Torei, The Undying Lamp of Zen, Thomas Cleary, p.28-29




4 thoughts on “Zen Master Torei on Joshu’s Mu”

  1. My Good Amigo,

    Good laughs, but as you well know, that Old Demon-Saint Torei is quite spry and elusive. Here, not there! Now here! Now here! Now here!

    Now HEAR —- even before Who, Gulp—-Mmmmm!

    Quite tasty, for 260 year old marrow! I have a feeling that before I am done digesting, it will now be here, and here, and here and ……….

    Peace my dinner buddy,

  2. Hola Amigo,

    I am constantly amazed at how the “Ancestors” constantly sully their mouths and beings for our sake.
    Oh Mater Torei, I would love to give you a big ol’ bite and take a chunk of your leg as you wax and wane on Joshu’s dog.

    Bowing to Snowman and All Beings,

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