The Buddha-Eye of Zen

Zen and the Buddha-Eye

Once you have deeply experienced and realized the oneness of yourselves, the universe, and the many things, the Zen path calls you to the forge of the ancestors. By using your buddha-eye, that is, your observing prajna, you apply yourselves to discerning the wisdom of buddhas and Zen ancestors. That is how you become proficient in the skills of helping all beings, which is now your true task.

The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing

Peace, Ted

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  1. Hey, have you ever heard of the book “Where’s My Zen?” I found it incredibly useful, in fact, it changed my life. I noticed it wasn’t mentioned on this site. You can find it on amazon but the author lets you download a pdf of it for free here:

    1. Greetings Austin,

      Thank you for your comments. No, I have not yet read this book, but I will certainly check it out.
      Thanks for the info and the link.


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