Suppressing thoughts? Might as well close your eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and body – along with your mind!


All activities are ‘objectless’ When I talk about the void, you should avoid developing a concept of nothingness. Many people have fallen into this subtle trap, believing that they have discovered some ultimate truth. Some of them become false teachers who urge their students to sit quietly with blank minds. There are such teachers active today, claiming that they are teaching “objectless meditation.” Sitting for long periods trying to suppress thoughts is not objectless meditation; it is abiding in a state of useless impotence.

You should know that there is not an objective particle in the entire universe. Once you truly awaken, you realize that all activities are ‘objectless’.

The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing

2 thoughts on “Suppressing thoughts? Might as well close your eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and body – along with your mind!”

  1. Amigo,
    Check out Ikkuyu’s thought on suppressing thoughts and closing off your eyes, ears, nose and any and all senses and experiences.

    A Woman’s Sex:
    It has the original mouth but remains wordless;
    It is surrounded by a magnificent mound of hair.
    Sentient beings can get completely lost in it
    But it is also the birthplace of all the Buddhas of the ten thousand worlds.

    A Man’s Root:
    Eight inches strong, it is my favourite thing;
    If I’m alone at night, I embrace it fully –
    A beautiful woman hasn’t touched it for ages.
    Within my fundoshi there is an entire universe!

    I wonder if one were to be “thought,” be the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, mind?

    Take a look at the Embodied Wisdom in the “Transmission of the Lamp.”
    Kuei-Shan – A day of gathering tea leaves and I hear only your voice. I don’t see your form. Show me your true form.
    Yang-Shn – Shakes the tree branches
    KS – You’ve shown me your function, but not your form. [ I still don’t see you].”
    YS – What about you Master?
    KS – (Stays quiet for a while).
    YS – Master, you’ve shown me your form but not your function.

    I am afraid of what Ikkuyu might have done to these guys with his root that he fully embraces.
    Ha, Enlightened Activity!

    All these, questions, and yet, I still question what happens if one answers all the questions correctly Ol’ Yellow Bearded Barbarian.

  2. Hola Louie,

    “All activities are Objectless.” Ha! Objectless activities are experienced subjectlessly. How bout that for a bender?

    Suppressing thoughts? Closing your eye? Ears? Nose? Tongue? Body? Mind?
    I wonder who is it that Suppresses thoughts? Who is it that closes your eyes, ears, nose???

    Next I am liable to hear about some light being turned around and dropping off of some-body and some-mind!
    Again, I wonder, what is the body and mind dropped off? Where is it that the light does not shine that it needs to be turned around.


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