Step back and abide in your own clear awareness

Louie Wing said, “If you want to know a way in, listen. Cease chasing thoughts around in your mind, cease defining things around you, take a step back and abide in your own clear awareness, which precludes all conceptualization. Suspend all your ideas about right and wrong, self and other; cease judging and evaluating things and events and simply perceive the fundamental awareness that precedes, underlies, and succeeds all discrimination. There you will discover the unnamable reality of your own true essence.”

Fred asked, “Is there any secret teachings beyond that?”

Louie Wing said, “There have never been any secret teachings. When you cease conceptualization, step back, and abide in your own luminescent awareness; you will discover that it has never been hidden.”

The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing by Ted Biringer