It is you whether you awaken to your identity or not

That which sees and hears, moves and thinks, is nothing other than the vast, unnamable, fathomless void: your own true mind. It has no fixed form, yet accords with all forms; how could it be defined as round or square, large or small? Having no characteristics of round, square, large, or small, it transcends all categories, descriptions, and limitations. Denying all categories, descriptions, and limitations, it is not up or down, long or short, ordinary or sacred, inside or outside, good or bad, self or other. Even the ideas of existent and not existent do not apply.

Yet, in spite of all this, your own awareness shines forth, pure, clear, and luminous. It is this awareness that is sometimes referred to as God, Buddha, Tao, Allah, Brahma, and the whole array of names used to indicate the fundamental ground of reality. It is what I call the vast, unnamable, fathomless void.

When you awaken to it, you realize your own identity with it. Delusion is simply a case of misidentification. However, it is you whether you awaken to your identity or not.

The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing by Ted Biringer