The Very Things, Beings, and Events Right Here-Now

The point to get is that, in Zen, it is not dharmas in general but particular dharmas that are recognized as the fundamental elements, or better activity, of the universe as it is. The universe spoken of by Shobogenzo as ‘this mind,’ ‘Buddha,’ ‘one mind,’ or ‘all dharmas’ is not merely the sum of all things or the totality of everything throughout space and time; it is the very things and events you are experiencing right here-now (soku), it is the very you right here-now experiencing things and events. The very things, events, and you that right here-now is ‘this mind’ are not arbitrary miscellany or various generalities; but the actual mountains, rivers, and earth you see here-now, the sun, the moon, the stars here-now.

Excerpt from,  Zen Cosmology: Dogen’s Contribution to the Search for a New Worldview p.95