Manifesting the Universe

Zen cosmology recognizes the universe as a continuous, creative activity – a ceaseless, dynamic ‘advance into novelty.’ In fact, Zen practice-enlightenment itself is understood to be a mutually coordinated process between objective and subjective reality in a continuous ‘actualization of the universe’ (genjokoan).

‘Genjokoan,’ (genjo; realization, and koan; public case, dharma, also, yin-yang or universe) translates as ‘manifesting the universe,’ ‘actualizing the fundamental point,’ or ‘realizing the koan.’ Unlike the scientific and common worldviews, Zen cosmology is thoroughly nondual; objective reality and subjective reality are not two different things. ‘Actualizing the universe’ (genjokoan), according to the vision of Zen, is only and always actualizing an objective world and a subjective self simultaneously.

Excerpt from,  Zen Cosmology: Dogen’s Contribution to the Search for a New Worldview