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Zen Cosmology: Dogen’s Contribution to the Search for a New Worldview

Informed by the conviction that Shobogenzo, the Zen masterpiece of Dogen (1200-1253), is the clearest, most comprehensive presentation of the true nature of reality in the entire Zen canon, Zen Cosmology brings Dogen’s worldview forward and westward to present a convincing – and experientially verifiable – vision of reality to the modern mind.

More than a treasure trove for Zen students, Zen Cosmology reveals how Dogen’s Shobogenzo has much to contribute to humankind’s pressing need for a new worldview. Among the significant topics treated in Zen Cosmology are the nondual nature of existence and time (uji; existence-time), the dynamic of impermanence (mujo) in the context of Buddha-nature (bussho), the unity of practice and enlightenment (shusho), the nonduality of experience and existence (epistemology and ontology), and the liberating potential of language, thinking, and reason.

Zen cosmology: Dogen’s Contribution to the Search for a New Worldview presents a comprehensive cosmology that is both accessible and convincing by demonstrating the truth of its propositions to be self-evident; not necessarily obvious, but experientially verifiable.

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The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing: The Second Ancestor of Zen in the West

Near death, Louie Wing gathered together his students and friends to impart his final Zen teachings. Hearing that the great master would soon pass on, people came from all walks of faith to hear his final words. The crowd that gathered was too large to fit in any nearby building, so Louie Wing spoke from the flatbed of a truck in a wide field. These teachings came to be called The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing. Through this allegorical character of Louie Wing, author Ted Biringer brings a life and a force to even the most abstract of Zen teachings. Inspired by the Zen classic The Platform Sutra of Hui-Neng, The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing brings an open, modern look at the classic philosophy of Zen. Driven by the belief that anyone can reach enlightenment, this book is made to be accessible for novices and experts alike and includes a glossary, short quotes and stories of Louie Wing, and an additional commentary on the Genjokoan.