Collected Songs of Cold Mountain (Han Shan), The – Red Pine

The Collected Songs of Cold Mountain
by Cold Mountain (Han Shan)
Translated by Red Pine

5 out of 5 stars Red Pine has done it again!! Great book!! A+, September 28, 2008

The collected works of one of the greatest poets of T’ang dynasty China. Essential reading for students and admirer’s of Zen, Buddhism, and Taoism.

Red Pine’s excellent translations of the poems of Han Shan, a great sage of China usually referred to as Cold Mountain, meets, and even exceeds the high standards we all have come to expect from this great translator.

Written twelve centuries ago in the mountains and forest of China, Han Shan’s poetry set the standard for all later Zen, Taoist poets. The poems of Cold Mountain reveal the heart and mind of enlightenment with images ranging from the isolated peaks of snow-capped mountains to the drunnken revelry Chinese cowboys. It is no wonder that his work has been one of the staple sources throughout the history of Asian and Zen literature.

This work has been significantly revised and expanded since its initial publication in 1983. Red Pine has created a masterpiece with this new bilingual (English and Chinese) edition presenting all of Han Shan’s known work (and even some of the great poems by his two friends, Shih-te, (aka Pickup) and Feng-kan (aka, Big Stick).

The Collected Songs of Cold Mountain is an awesome source of classic Chinese wisdom poems!

This revised edition includes a new and comprehensive introduction, excellent notes, and even photographs of the area (and caves) where Han Shan lived and wrote.

An outstanding achievement!

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